How to create a Facebook ad

Steps to create an ad on Facebook

  1. On your Facebook page click on the right-hand side arrow key and click on create ad
  2. You will be redirected to ads manager page where you are given a personal ad account number
  3. You will then answer the question, what is your marketing objective?
  4. You are given options which are the following: sell products or services, selling for donation, getting rid of an item, ask friends to help you find an item
  5. You will then be taken to a page where you will need to fill out information about your ad such as why you are advertising? The price, what category it falls under, your location, present your product or service, and if its possible upload a picture of your item or service
  6. Once you have completed the entire form you can continue by clicking on the terms of use
  7. You will be redirected to either a notification from Facebook informing that your ad is pending or give you the option to click on the continue button
  8. You will be given the option to set a time and date or schedule and you will also have to choose between placing bid or put a price
  9. And lastly you can click on place the order and your free Facebook ad should already be installed for you.

Before you begin creating a Facebook ad you need to ask yourself the following:

  • What is the reason you are creating a Facebook ad?
  • Who do you want to reach?
  • What is your ad budget?
  • Do you have videos or photos to feature on your ad? 

Facebook ad objective

There are numerous reasons why people create Facebook ads one of them is seeking awareness to your business. By creating an ad on one of the most popular websites it will bring awareness to viewers of who you are and what you do. Increasing exposure is a good way to begin your business journey and a great way to do this is to generate viewer attention to try your services or products online or in person. Stimulate the viewer’s curiosity. Facebook ads are stretchable giving you the space that is needed to create and inspire attention to show what you are selling.

Ways to attract an audience

Click ads are a great way to bring exposure to your business, it brings people to your site to explore your ad. Video ads have become very popular and is a new form of telling a story about your business. Event responses is yet another form to generate viewers to your business. Event responses invites people to who are interested in your business to connect with you in person.

When you create an ad, you can give it your own distinctive qualities, character and style. You also can choose where you want your ad to appear, what is your network audience?

Create leads

Once you have gained an audience and created an interest you can offer promising consumers to sign up to get more information, browse through your ad or view your store by downloading your business app is a great indicator they might want to make a purchase. Becoming familiar with people who might be thinking about making a purchase helps you reconnect with them later to encourage them to complete a purchase to increase your sales.

Increase your sales

You can also create ad campaigns to increase your sales. Facebook ads will persuade viewers to purchase by showing them products or services they viewed before. You can offer promotions, suggest online shopping, and follow up with people who have shown interest in your business as well.

Gain loyalty

Offer promotions, special deals, product or service suggestions, reviews, or advice. You can also offer customer service for your Facebook page to keep and gain more customers. Form relationships with your customers through blog posts and messaging to build trust and increase your business sales to gain more profits. You can also create a “page engagement” which entails blogging post and messages to interact with your customers while inviting new customers to browse through your business ad and join in on conversations and updates. You can also create and design ads that will pop and attract attention to your business. Dynamic ads are another way to gain more attraction and is done by recommending products or services like your own and extend your services by placing your ad in different places to make your business more available. You can also set up times when you are available if your customers need to talk to you on a one on one basis. Keep your customers updated and send messages of offers and promotions offered through your business.

If you are seeking to create an ad on Facebook to start a business, increase sales or profits or to make your business more available to viewers Facebook ad is a great start.

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