Free instagram likes- hacks and tips!!!

Instagram has now become an extremely popular social networking application. It has been statistically seen that there has been an exponential increase in the number of registered and active users. The most common thing to do is posting pictures with the hope of getting as many likes and followers as possible. Now, many businesses have come up with the idea of marketing their products through Instagram account.

If you are new to Instagram and all your photos and posts get fewer likes, you will easily be discouraged. This article will give you some ideas as to how to increase free Instagram likes (gratis Instagram volgers voor onze Nederlandse klanten) so as to get more followers.

  • Use local and popular hash tags: By using local hash tags you can reach out to your potential customers near you and connect with them. Using the popular ones will help you reach a larger group of active users. Your photos will be seen by more people in this way and you can reach good number of people.
  • Post good quality photos: Even if you do not own a DSLR, you should make sure that the photos you post have everything in focus along with the proper lighting. High-quality and good looking photos are more aesthetically pleasing and will give you more free likes naturally.
  • Post behind-the-scenes photos: Social media is the right place to share some important moments of your business with your friends and followers, in turn helping you to grow your brand personality and strength the connection with customers both professionally and emotionally. Post some behind-the-scenes photos like office tour or preview an upcoming product launch, office parties, etc. This type of posts become engaging and unique creating more free likes.
  • Maintain consistent filter scheme: If you use the same set of filters for all your posts then it will help to create and maintain a unique and consistent visual identity on Instagram. This will help in recognizing your photos instantly and getting more consistent likes from your followers.

  • Follow more people: Explore feed to find more people in your industry who post amazing photos on topics related to your service or product. Follow those people, like their posts and regularly comment on their posts and eventually you will find that they happen to follow you back and like your posts too. It is advisable to follow a couple of new accounts each day so that your own follower count increases and looks more credible to potential visitors.
  • Promote all your posts: Take advantage of the Instagram Ads platform in order to promote your posts as this will help you to reach to more people. It is a very powerful targeting option and you can select the people who can see your ads. If you target the correct people and your content is engaging and attractive then you will gain more followers and more likes.

  • Share your posts on different platforms: Apart from Instagram, share your posts on other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. This method will help you to leverage the profile views and traffic that you generate in other sites to point them towards your Instagram profile. You can even share your posts through your blogs to get more free likes.
  • Post videos: Post different types of media including videos, photos, Boomerang and stories as they tend to be more engaging. Posting a video that has something related to your service or product like a tutorial or promotional event tend to be more exciting and engaging than a simple photo. However, do make sure that your video does not rely on audio as many people browse through their Instagram feeds in places where listening to audio is not really feasible.
  • Tag location: if you tag a location, then it becomes easier for people in your area to see your posts easily. Rather than being specific, be general while tagging a location as more people gets to see it and recognize the place. People who are looking for posts near them will engage more getting you more free likes on your posts.
  • Tagging influential accounts: Search for influential accounts within your industry and tag them in your recent photos so that your posts show up in their feeds in the “tagged in” section and inform them of your new posts. Tag them in the photos but not in the caption. This way you can easily attract various other potential people in your target market and it may get you highlighted on those influential accounts.
  • Post engaging quotes: Posting quotes can be a good alternative content idea to share on Instagram. Quotes are easier to read and tend to be attention-grabbing. If you post quotes that relate to your followers then it will be of great help to get them engaged and get you more free likes on Instagram. You can post quotes written by yourself or search in Google and post an engaging quote that relates to your product or followers or anything that matters.
  • Boomerang: This is a content type that lies between a video and a GIF. It is basically a short video that plays forwards and backwards. Posting a Boomerang is a great idea to gain more attention from your followers. But make sure that it is something exciting to look for. A Boomerang with a dramatic and quick movement is the most exciting and engaging kind.
  • Post user-generated posts: User-generated content is a great way of maintain a good social media presence. People often post content related to brands that they like and follow. You can repost their photos by giving them credit and encourage others to share their own contents. This will get you more likes as you are kind of promoting other users’ posts and making them visible to many.
  • Post at high-traffic times: Posting contents when most of your followers tend to be checking their Instagram profile and feeds is a great way of increasing the chance of them viewing your posts and liking them too. If you have a post with a great number of interactions then this will increase the chance that it will show up on your followers’ feeds and get you more likes.

  • Post consistently: Maintaining a consistent queue of posts will get you more likes on Instagram. This way you will continuously engage your followers and gain more followers. It will help you to sustain some level of engagement as you continue to grow. If you go long periods without posting anything then this may cause your current followers to un-follow you or not likes your posts at all. To avoid this, make sure you post at least every few days consistently.
  • Capitalize on trending topics: Each of the newest trends will present you with huge opportunity for your business to leverage it and get more likes. Post photos, ideas, and other contents related to the trending topics to create a post that is relatable, engaging and funny. You will always find some trend that is sweeping the internet every now and then.
  • Buy Instagram likes from sites: Nowadays, due to the popularity of Instagram, a huge number of websites have begun selling likes and followers on Instagram and making a business out of it. Some websites have been proved to be very effective in increasing the likes at a reasonable rate. You can resort to such sites and take their help by paying a minimum amount for getting huge number of likes and followers. In Dutch we call that “Instagram likes kopen“.

These strategies, tips and hacks will go a long way in getting you more free likes on Instagram. Today there are various online likes generators available for Instagram.   You should be well aware of the benefits that you can get by getting free likes on Instagram by using Instagram likes generator:

  • You get to market your site and the products or services you sell free of cost or at a very minimum rate if you are buying the likes.
  • You will just need to follow some basic and regular tips as suggested above to get you more likes and promote your business to a broader scale. This does not require much of your effort and time.
  • This will boost your social credibility and make you appear more popular in social media and in your target market segment. People will take you and your posts more seriously and follow you regularly. The websites will make you more credible socially by making a mark as they sell likes on Instagram.
  • It is a fast way to jumpstart your business through your Instagram account. Instead of starting from the ground level, you can easily and quickly start from a few hundred to a few thousand Instagram followers to be quickly noticed.

Given the above advantages of gaining free likes on Instagram, it must be clear to you that growing your business through your Instagram account is indeed a good idea and it can be done without paying a penny and just following some simple tips and ideas. As an active Instagram user it is imperative that you determine the right way of increasing free Instagram likes.

10 Soorten Facebook updates die meestal de meeste likes krijgen

De beste soorten Facebook posts voor likes, shares en reacties

We krijgen af en toe vragen van klanten of van lezers van ons blog. 1 van die vragen luidt: ‘met welk soort Facebook updates krijg je nou de meeste (niet gekochte) Facebook likes.

Uit ervaring en uit observatie weet ik dat er een aantal updates op Facebook zijn die het altijd goed doen. Deze doen het zowel goed voor de likes als ook voor de interactie.

Niet alleen bij de grote merken die het in dat opzicht vrij gemakkelijk hebben maar ook de ‘gewone’ blogs en websites zoals misschien die van jou.

1. Wedstrijden

Nog logisch denk u misschien  maar een kans om iets te winnen is altijd goed voor likes en reacties. Pas op: Facebook heeft sinds kort aangegeven dat het expliciet vragen om likes en reacties niet meer mag. Je zou daar om kunnen kiezen voor iets minder ‘obvious’ zoals ‘zoek de 10 verschillen tussen deze twee foto’s’.

2. Bied gelegenheid voor je lezers om iets te showen

Je je lezers kunnen vragen op hun leukste kattenfoto’s te plaatsen of leuke vakantie momenten. Hier kun je dus alle kanten op.

3. Persoonlijke verhalen

Een persoonlijke ervaring doet vaak wonderen. Niet alleen trek je zo mensen naar je website maar je helpt mensen ook met een probleem door te vertellen welke oplossing jij hebt gevonden.

4. Creatieve updates

Facebook updates waarbij de schrijver iets doet wat je niet overal ziet. Ik had er bijvoorbeeld voor kunnen kiezen om deze punten uit te beelden in plaatjes of ik had er een video van kunnen maken met voorbeelden van andere bedrijven op Facebook.

5. Levens ‘hacks’

Schrijf een uitgebreide handleiding over hoe mensen iets kunnen doen wat jij goed kent. Bijvoorbeeld ‘hoe zet een Facebook zodanig op dat deze het beste werkt voor mijn doelgroep. Facebook kent iemmers verschillende pagina types en deze verschillen in mogelijkheden.

6. In de diepte

Ondanks dat het moeilijk is om de aandacht van mensen vast te houden lijkt het er toch op dat stukken tekst waarbij er diep op een onderwerp in gegaan werd het toch vaak het beste doen. Ik zou bijvoorbeeld een uitbreid stuk kunnen schrijven over de verschillende manieren van het leveren van Facebook likes en welke het beste zijn voor een specifiek type klant en waarom.

7. Persoonlijk gerichte onderwerpen

Schrijven met de lezer in gedachte is uiteraard vaak het beste maar dit komt tot uitdrukking door een stuk te schrijven waarbij we ons inleven in een lezer om een zodanige manier dat we een probleem verwoorden waar veel mensen voor staan. Bijvoorbeeld ‘hoe krijg ik in hemelsnaam voldoende likes op mijn website zodat bezoekers mij een beetje serieus gaan nemen’.

8. Vraag en antwoord

Stel een  vraag en veel mensen zijn er gebrand op om als eerste het juiste antwoord te geven. Dit fenomeen zie je terug bij forums waarbij er soms felle discussies ontstaan.  Bijvoorbeeld ‘zou je 1000 euro uitgeven aan Facebook Ads zonder dat je weet of het klanten gaat opleveren? Ik kan me voorstellen dat er veel voors en tegens zijn en goedbedoeld advies gegeven wordt.

9. Humoristische dingen

Mensen zitten van nature zo in elkaar dat een grappige foto of tekst een reactie oplevert: een lach. Vaak willen mensen dit ook delen en zodoen ontstaan likes en shares.

10. Lijsten met handige links over een bepaald onderwerp

Een lijst met links en informatiebronnen is goed voor likes en comments en shares omdat het handig is voor mensen om te lezen en te delen met anderen. Vaak vullen mensen de lijst ook aan met links waar je misschien nog niet aan gedacht had (reacties).

Ben ik iets vergeten? Graag hoor ik het! En mocht je een handje nodig hebben bij het verkrijgen van likes, reacties of shares op Facebook dan kun je uiteraard terecht op